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Patient Testimonials


of our patients reported that they had a good understanding of what was causing their problem and how they could help themselves.


of our patients said they were either Very Likely to or would Definitely refer a friend or family member to our practice.


rated our service to be either Very Good or Excellent.

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Louise C - Surrey

"From the reception staff to the physiotherapists themselves, they are all professional, knowledgeable and caring. This is a superb physio centre where the patient is always put first. Nothing is ever too much trouble.  I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of physio treatment."

T Rogers

“My recent visit was for a low back pain. Having been to several physiotherapists in the past for the same problem I decided to try your practice, as I have previously been successfully treated for a neck related problem. In just 2 sessions and armed with some home exercises, my back was so much better in a much shorter time than I had experienced previously”

Meri B - Sunbury

"I think you treat every person as an valued individual and certainly not as a customer. Everyone was patient, efficient  and most kind to me and you are all quite simply a God  send. I have spent most of my adult life dealing with a  dodgy back and this is as good as it gets. THANK YOU X"

RI - Walton-on-Thames

"I have just completed a course of treatment with Emma and I write to thank Emma and the practice for once again determined, confident and thinking therapy.

As I say this is the latest treatment I have had from Weybridge Physiotherapy, Naomi sorted my knee, Michael my elbow and my neck.

I hasten to add that that has been over a number of years but each time it looked to me that I was going to have some measure of a permanent problem and every time I come back feeling stronger in the problem area than I had been.

You don’t give in easily do you.

My thanks and regards"

Allison M - Walton-On-Thames

"All staff from reception to treatment rooms incredibly friendly & helpful. I would highly recommend your practice to anyone. Each session was covered by e mail & Tara also prepared details for me to take abroad in case I needed them. She was brilliant! Thank you"

Jill B

“The physiotherapists and office staff all provide a very personal service and seem to ensure that the atmosphere is calming, professional and friendly. My physiotherapist was incredibly approachable which definitely made me feel more positive and relaxed about my recovery. Things were explained in a much more comprehensive but understandable way at Weybridge Physiotherapy”

ER - Patient

I have been seeing Anneri for a number of weeks now, and I just wanted to say how fabulous everyone is at Weybridge and Walton Physio. From my very first contact, everyone I have dealt with has been exceptionally pleasant, helpful and professional. It really is first class.

Rebecca A

“I have seen two physiotherapists and a massage therapist. They have all been of the highest standard, helpful, friendly and expert in their fields. I am extremely sad to moving out of the area and losing the amazing support I have enjoyed at WWP for some years. “

Kirsten E

To be perfectly honest the first time I visited Weybridge Physio I didn’t hold out much hope. Over the previous decade my severe shoulder/back pain had been treated by a number of physiotherapists and chiropractors without success.

Michael & his team immediately made me feel as though something could be done, they were right!

After so many years of pain I can now go through life relatively pain free, I can’t express what a miracle this feels for me. I honestly didn’t think it would ever be possible.

Paula B - Weybridge

"Staff are very friendly and welcoming. Jehan was very professional in all that she did and I valued her advice. I have always had a very poor opinion of NHS physios. My consultant recommended that I went to a private physio and I cannot believe the difference that it made."

Arti M

"Really glad to have referred to Weybridge Physio, wonder why I was not referred in the first place. Very Scientific and technical approach to mending things unlike massage which is what I experienced in the previous physio place in Weybridge. I could not get the same result earlier with at least 20 sessions, what your just 5 sessions did....Please keep up this good work and Many Many Thanks."

BB- Weybridge

I'm very impressed with the way the problem is analysed and how personalized the exercise program is. Paolo spent time explaining to me the underlying cause of the problem so I fully understand what needs to be corrected and can better manage similar issues in the future. It's empowering

Robson V - Weybridge

“WWP professionals spend time listening to the patients and explaining what they are trying to achieve with the treatment.”

Ann D

"My physio, Katie, was super efficient in dealing with my problems and helping me to obtain optimum fitness prior to surgery and following surgery."

GC - Weybridge

"During my treatment everyone has been really helpful and extremely professional... although previous providers have been very good I think overall level of your service has been better."

David C - Weybridge

"Great Team of staff with excellent knowledge, care and professionalism"

Alison M

"Every physio I have seen over the years has been excellent - professional, effective, good communicators, sympathetic and very personable!"

Patient Feedback

"The staff "go the extra mile" to ensure you understand the issues and ensure that your treatment will help you in the long term. Also very pleasant and non-judgemental."

Tatjana T

“Straight after the first treatment when you were able to reproduce my headache pain just by mobilising my neck I knew that my long and desperate journey has finally reached the place of genuine help.

I can’t tell you how very grateful I am to you for giving me my life back. It is very clear that your unique service and expertise cannot just be replaced by ‘any old physiotherapist’”

Mr I M - Patient

Afternoon All,

The attention I have received over the last 6 weeks has been superb.The confidence of my GP referral has been fully justified.

A particular word of appreciation is due to Darren for his successful treatment of my errant codger's knee problem.I have also been most impressed with the efficiency and courtesy of your helpful staff.

Let me wish continuing, deserved  success to your organisation.

Kind regards

Mr I M

Lisa T - Weybridge

“Your customer service is excellent. Every physio I have seen has taken time to understand my problem and to listen. I have almost always felt that my treatment was beneficial and any advice that I was given was appropriate and has helped me in the interim and longer term.”

Ratna S

“I just want to say “God Bless You”! It has been 2 years now that I have been suffering from crippling sciatica and back pain. I have been to 3 osteopaths, 3 physios, 1 chiropractor and one consultant radiologist who gave me three sets of local epidural injections under x-ray control. In addition I saw a myofacial release specialist. I paid out-of-pocket for all and it cost me several thousand pounds. All were well-meaning people but none managed to diagnose nor cure my pain. I received temporary relief because all focused on symptoms and not the cause.

You DIAGNOSED me and then set about curing the cause. Your examination was the most thorough I have received and I was grateful for a diagnosis - finally.
2 months on, I am 90% there - not bad given how chronic my situation was. Most importantly, the progress is sustained which means we (sorry, you) have gotten to the cause…

Several times I have been in tears due to my inability to be properly functional. It is remarkable how chronic pain can affect one psychologically. I used to be really miserable by 5/6 pm because by then the pain was at its worse and I was not able to move much nor stand.
That is not the case any more (thank God) and I notice how much more energy and positive attitude I have at the end of the day vs fatigue and despondency.
You were the first to look at my situation as an individual one. Almost everyone else just followed a tried and tested treatment route. That “one size fits all” just DOES NOT work and it is so hard to tell who is a good Clinician and who is not.

I was lucky to finally find you. And given that I hate needles, I have grown to like the ones you use as they are so effective! I don’t want to forget another physio in your practice who looked after me in your absence. She too is a Godsend. Caring, focused on the person and extremely effective. Thank you.”

Andrea F - Weybridge

“Just fantastic physio, I've had friends that have said the same.”

Patient Survey

“WWP came across as a very professional outfit, one which listens to the patient and really understands what needs to be done in order to rectify the specific problem.”

Philippa H

"Paolo was superb in explaining what had caused my condition and how to bring me back to normality! I was amazed at the difference he made to the flexibility of my spine and other connected muscles in such a short time. Made me feel 10 years younger! Also, the staff generally were friendly and efficient in making appointments sending emails and exercises etc."

Patient Survey

"The knowledge and dedication shown by the physio was very good and I always felt welcoming atmosphere within the practice."

Margaret B

"The whole service provided is excellent. Reception staff are friendly and welcoming, my physiotherapist (Ash) is extremely knowledgeable, approachable with any queries and ensures that I know how to help myself to get better."

P Kumar

“Every point of contact from reception, phone service to physio were all very professional and helpful, right down to matching my needs as a cyclist to the appropriate physio”

Sandy H - Patient

Michael was recommended by my specialist as "the only one" that could help rectify my neck pain. He perservered  through my surgery, recovery, travelling and job interference and importantly worked with and educated me; all with his gracious humour. Now I understand and can help myself... AND...I am pain free!!

Patient Survey

"Excellent online booking process - Professional, friendly and communicative practitioners"

Andrew G

"I felt that the service was thorough and very professsional...you are made to feel like an only client, not the next in the que"

Patient Survey

"Expert and comprehensive advice, really reassuring and knowledgeable staff who explain things really clearly, do great follow up and are wonderfully friendly."

Patient Survey

"I had a sports injury and the service i got was first class. Booking was easy, and payment easy through health insurance. All round very good...Paulo took the time to understand my problem and explained exactly how I had injured myself. The work he did with me over a number of weeks was first class, and I am now back playing squash. Fantastic service highly recommended"

Nick W

"I just wanted to take the time to write this brief email  to express my thanks and appreciation to Julie for her hard work, care and determination in getting me back on track post my discectomy in November... I will not hesitate to come back for further sessions should I feel the need and I will absolutely be recommending you and your team to any family or friends that have a need for Physiotherapy."

Patient Survey

"You listen, which is so important... I learnt how to help myself."

Patient Survey

"Excellent location, nice facilities. Physio is very experienced, professional and helpful."

Patient Survey

"The service is excellent, and the physiotherapists make you feel welcome and put you at ease straight away. I would definitely recommend Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy to anybody I know who has a problem."

Patient Survey

“Jeremy diagnosed my problem quickly...he then followed through with some good treatment. The rehabilitation exercises he gave me were based around my sport which gave me an even quicker and effective recovery. I felt the service was very personal.”

Damien H - Woking

"Very good people management and understanding of the reality of a patients situation, requirements and needs"

RS - Walton-on-Thames

"Having been given Jeremy's name by my wonderful surgeon, David Harrison, I made the appointment and found him even more helpful and supportive than I dared hope. The staff who made appointments and I spoke to were also very professional and helpful."

Patient Survey

"Emma was very knowledgable and helped my understand the biomechanics of my knee problem. By doing this, she helped me understand the problem better and how to treat it with the correct exercise."

Patient Survey

"Not only was Katie very knowledgeable about my problem, but she took obvious care to include my own motivations, barriers and preferences into account when treating me. It has been hugely helpful for me to continue the program she designed on my own and while traveling."

Patient Survey

"It surpassed all expectations. Promptness of appointment time, treatment and information. Also a very friendly and comfortable place to be treated."

Victoria - Weybridge

"Good advice, expert opinion, encouraging feedback and smooth customer relations all made for an excellent experience."

Jeremy H

“I have found the staff at Weybridge Physiotherapy to be friendly, professional and diligent. Their team of practitioners demonstrated excellent medical knowledge, and a high degree of dexterity to treat my condition. It was also pleasing to see that the team were happy to embrace holistic treatments (such as acupuncture) when necessary, and made informed recommendations to improve long term rehabilitation.”

Mary B

“I was originally referred to Weybridge Physiotherapy for my teenage daughter who was having back pain. Michael O’Reilly has helped her with the pain and found an exercise approach that she thinks is fun! I also started seeing Michael for a shoulder problem which I have had for 2 years and after 3 months of treatments the pain is virtually gone - I wish I had gone 2 years ago.”

Sarah H

"Extremely professional and trustworthy - from my first appointment, I knew I was in safe hands and would get a good result. A very welcoming, 'comfortable' atmosphere at the Weybridge premises - efficient admin back up. The whole experience is professional and efficient.

I felt extremely secure in the professional knowledge of the physiotherapist and the professionalism of the whole dept. Excellent value for money - the physio was always punctual and packed the whole 30 minute session with both info and treatment - I was never short changed."

Martin D - Weybridge

"It was great to receive such pro-active management of my care. Information was provided in an accessible and useful way. They physios were friendly and assuring who clearly had my interests at heart and had a clear passion for my care, progress and development."

David L - Byfleet

"I have had many sessions with other physios and sports injury therapists but none have realy explained the problems I had nor have they given such long term relief "

Patient Survey

"Attention was outstanding! From the moment we arrived, we felt at home and in good hands."

Patient Survey

"(you) Quickly diagnosed the problem, clearly explained the body's reaction and devised an effective remedy both in session and through exercises. All in all I am delighted."

Roy C

“Every thing was perfect in every respect. Not just the treatment received but the way it was carried out. Also all the staff I came into contact with were happy and seemed to enjoy their work, whatever they were doing. I shall miss them all.”

JL - Walton-on-Thames

“The Physio with the NHS did not work on my knee at all, simply gave me instructions etc. Gillian was wonderful, explaining everything to me, working on it to help with the pain”

J Spiers

“I am very grateful to Paolo Alfieri as he has got me back to playing squash after experiencing extremely worrying numbness in my legs due to muscles pressing down onto nerves. A neurologist identified the problem and referred me to your practice and after reading several reports on your website, I asked for Paolo as he seemed to have high praise from a number of squash players. I now rank as one of those too as I have returned to playing in some of the ladies team squash matches and won the last two. Thank you Paolo!”

Patient Survey

"Staff are all excellent, friendly and helpful. Can't fault anything and have recommended you to friends / colleagues."

Patient Survey

"Making me feel welcomed and listened to. Informing me on the route of the problem and giving clear guidance on how to overcome"

Patient Survey

"Amazing facilities, great service, flexible times"

Patient Survey

"Customer service was superb and my physio explained everything fully and in a really easy to understand way with no jargon"

Patient Survey

"Quickly diagnosed the problem, clearly explained the body's reaction and devised an effective remedy both in session and through exercises. All in all I am delighted."

Adrian W

"Can I take this opportunity to thank Michael for his professionalism in treating me. He obviously knows his subject very well and I found the whole experience both a relief and quite fascinating."

Rick A

"Effective diagnosis, targeted treatment, honesty of when I require treatment, scaling back my treatment when needed, other physios too quick to consume days given by health insurance."

M K - Weybridge

"You make the patient feel welcome, part of the solution to their own problem. You let us help ourselves to get better by setting simple and obtainable targets. You also don't over extend the sessions and you advise the patient that they are now able to cope on their own. But you are there if they need you."

Patient Survey

"The diagnosis was not straightforward at first, but my physio was excellent at explaining what he was doing at all times and had a great "bedside manner""

Patient Survey

"A lot of others I have been to make little or no effort to get you to understand your injury. WWP ensure this happens, which is vitally important to recuperation"

Gaynor N

"Everyone incredibly helpful and I was listened to and talked to, not at! Thank you."

Mel B

“After seven years of suffering with arm pain, I went to Michael to see if there was anything he could do to relieve it. Now three months on, all I can say is a HUGE Thank You, as I am completely clear of all arm and neck pain. For the first time in years I can do ‘normal’ things.”

Patient Survey

"I am treated with respect and informed at every stage of my treatment, I am spoken to like an informed adult - not treated like a number, as the consultant does! I always leave the session feeling positive that my problem will resolve."

Jeremy B

"Very relaxed atmosphere with a professional service and expert advice"

Patient Survey

"My therapists knowledge and bed side manner was superb"

Patient Survey

"Everyone is very freindly as well as being super efficient at the same time. Paolo was very professional and explained everything he was doing and why it would help me!! The problem with my neck is completely sorted, it is now down to me to maintain good posture!! Thank you everyone!!"

Patient Survey

"I was impressed with how thorough the initial consultation was to diagnose the problem. The receptionist was extremely helpful about the paperwork and Katie's "bedside manner" made me very comfortable. She listened and explained things very well. Plus she was personable, friendly and obviously knowledgable."

Emma H - Weybridge

"My Physio was friendly and professional. He helped me to understand the causes of my problem and what I could do to alleviate the pain, I was shown exercises which fit perfectly into my daily routine and which were quick and targeted the problem exactly. I also liked that my report and exercises where emailed to me on my last consultation."

Patient Survey

"You offered everything I needed! I followed advice about exercises at home and in fact I didn't need my 3rd appointment"

Lisa S

“After nearly three years of experiencing regular unexplained headaches, I was referred to Weybridge Physiotherapy. My problem was diagnosed during my first consultation and after undertaking a course of physiotherapy… I am now completely headache free.

Thanks to Michael O’Reilly my quality of life has returned!”

Jo L

"I felt the organisation was first class and very efficient with appointment reminders, confirmation emails, hand outs, plus all the other staff were warm and welcoming. I was able to get time slots whenever it suited me and this meant my work didn’t suffer."

Patient Survey

"Communication is fantastic and a full explanation of what they're doing and where my rehab was going"

Javier F

“A postural problem over decades resulted in a chronic and acute pain on my right arm. The highly professional care at Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy has not only relieved the pain but has allowed me to enjoy a posture and flexibility lost since childhood.”

Patient Survey

"Great attention to detail. Listened to me, and gave me sound care, and advice to strengthen and maintain my knee. My knee was not progressing with the other physio (also based in Weybridge) and my Consultant recommended WWP."

Patient Survey

"Very knowledgeable physio, friendly and helpful, and willing to be flexible on booking times."

Patient Survey

"I really appreciate the clear explanation of my problem, the objective of the exercises that I had to do ... to recover."

Ben S

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for helping me with my knee.

Apart from sorting out the initial pain feel you have really jogged my memory about the importance of how I structure my training and balance those 4 elements of athleticism; strength, agility, flexibility and cardio (I remembered!). My knee feels better and better every day and I’m just gently progressing my exercises.

Thank you so much. You really know your stuff and have provided excellent care.


Patient Survey

"Astute professionals, know your stuff, friendly and can think ‘outside the box’ to find problem causes."

Patient Survey

"It just feels like you are really working ‘with’ the patient not just working ‘on’ the patient - that is pretty unique. Also the calendar reminders on email are brilliant."

Patient Survey

"I felt my problems have been clearly explained, I understand the causes and what I need to do!"


"Very personable, interested in people as well as conditions."

Patient Survey

"On every level - from administrative aspect through to treatment. Friendly, business like approach."

Patient Survey

"Good communication with patients, treatment well explained and supported"

Steve M

“I have been very impressed with the progress we have made with my neck problems over the last couple of months. Bearing in mind the relatively short time I have been seeing you the improvement is much better than I could have hoped for. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to people in similar circumstances.”

Patient Survey

"Identified the problem straight away and were able to treat"

Kathryn L

"Everyone was very pleasant and professional. All the info and guidence I was given has sorted my problem knees."

Patient Survey

"Paolo was very knowledgeable about the two procedures I had undergone and targeted exercises and stretches accordingly."

CO - Woking

"Physio was very thorough and addressed the problem which responded to treatment after the initial visit. He also gave me tips on how to prevent further problems that were tailored to my particular sporting activities (golf)."


“Thanks so much again for all your care, attention, knowledge and skill and particularly for treating me like a human being!”

Patient Survey

"Convenient location staffed by professional people. Despite the treatment sometimes being painful, the surroundings and attention from the staff make you feel relaxed. Willingness to share knowledge in order that I can better understand my condition is a major differentiator."

Patient Survey

Friendly physio who put me at ease. Solved my back pain and provided me with information that means that if I start to feel similar pain again (which is now rare) I know how to deal with it myself.

Patient Survey

"...Diagnosing the exact problem quickly and providing you with a high level of service. Moulding your rehabilitation around the relevant sport or activity which gives you an even quicker and confident recovery."

EC - Walton-on-Thames

“My total experience was very positive. Paolo has a pleasant positive and constructive manner explaining matters comprehensively and responded to questions in a similar fashion.”

Richard J

"Fantastic manner, reassurance that there would not be any bone crunching so felt totally relaxed when neck was being manipulated as no ‘stunts’ pulled at any time."

Patient Survey

"...a welcoming and professional environment, (you) keep patients informed and successfully treat muscle injuries in preparation for marathons!"


“Excellent service and knowledge of staff and flexibility of appointments.”


"I am recommending you as a no-nonsense and very honest physio!"

Patient Survey

"There is a calm and happy atmosphere there and true professional expertise."

Patient Survey

"Customer service is excellet and physio support also excellent"

Patient Survey

"Great communication, excellent clinical knowledge Friendly staff at all levels Professional attitude."

Patient Survey

"You were able to fit me in for an appointment at very short notice. My treatment and recommended exercises have resolved my problem"

Sarah H

"I first came to Michael feeling very ill. I had the most awful headache which I had had for nearly 4 wks and blurred vision in my left eye. After only a few sessions my headache was not as severe and my vision was not so impaired. It was due to bad posture and static neck bones.

I am eternally grateful to him and will always thank him for all the physio and also ‘training’ me to think about my posture to help my neck and back. I can honestly say I have not had one migraine since I have visited his practice. I would highly recommend him to anyone with the same problem."

Patient Survey

"After many years of physio treatments for one ailment or another, the information given to me, both in layman terms and technical terms is first class and enables me to understand a little more about why the injury occurred and more importantly how to make it stronger in the future"

Kim H - Weybridge

"Your people know their stuff, and are practical and helpful in recommending exercises to help get back to full health"

Ian B

“Julie was very attentive and helped me to understand how I had got into the state I was in and more importantly how to get out of it, through exercise and supports.”

Karen H

"Jeremy, when I first came to see you in June 2013,I needed help, but was  really afraid to trust after a bad experience with a previous physio. I was  especially wary given my physical venerability, however despite all that, you gained my trust,you deserve a medal!"

Patient Survey

"Appointments were always fitted around when i could do them. If I called in pain, they would come back to me straight away with a slot when I could be seen. Perfect!"

Patient Survey

"The staff and setting allow a relaxed atmosphere for treatment. Excellent advice and guidance was provided throughout my treatment."

Patient Survey

"I expected the quality to be high and it was very good and I was completely satisfied."


“I felt that I was appreciated as an individual and a customer and the treatment and advice that I received was effective”


"Education on changes that last a lifetime, treatment customised to specific individual."

Sarah P

“Very impressed - both personally and professionally - with your follow through!”

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